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Minister Farrakhan speaks to Arab, Muslim World through Al Jazeera

( - With the launch of their English language channel in November of 2006, Al Jazeera has begun to challenge the former dominance of BBC and CNN in the area of worldwide news reporting by providing a more balanced view of current events.

On February 27, two days after delivering the historic Saviours’ Day keynote address at “Fard” (Ford) Field in Detroit, Mich., entitled “One Nation Under God,” the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan sat down with Al Jazeera Correspondent Fadi Mansour to discuss the geopolitical landscape in Iran, Iraq, Israel, Somalia; the hidden hands in the Sunni/Shi’ite conflict; and again called for regime change here in the United States and the removal of the neoconservative advisers along with the rest of the Bush administration.

“I didn’t mis-describe the administration of the United States. They are liars, and they are murderers, and they are guilty of high crimes, and they should be removed, for they have violated the Constitution of the United States of America, and have violated the peoples of the world,” said Minister Farrakhan.

When Mr. Mansour asked why the Nation of Islam is made up primarily of Blacks, when Islam is open to all races, Min. Farrakhan responded, “If you look at the Prophet [Muhammad], peace be upon him, why were the majority of his followers in the beginning Arabs? It was because he came to the Arabs, first, and then to the world.

“The Black man and woman in America are in the worst condition. Have you seen a people robbed of their names, their language, their culture, their religion, their own minds turned against themselves; savages, made into tribes in a jahiliyyah [ignorance of divine guidance] like the early Arabs? So, our duty was first to our own people, as the Prophet’s was, and then the light shines from the East around the world, and it shines now from the West around the world. So, we are now inclusive of all members of the human family, but it started with the Black man and woman of America who are in the worst condition of human beings.”

In response to Mr. Mansour’s question about still being accused of being an “anti-Semite,” Min. Farrakhan looked at him, laughed and asked “Are you a Semite?” Mr. Mansour replied, “Yes. I’m Arab.”

Min. Farrakhan then asked him, “Am I against you? Am I against Muslims? No. Are the Jews that came out of Europe, are they Semitic? Who are the Sephardim? Are they Semitic? Am I against them? Who has segregated them and the Ethiopian Jews? Is it not the European?

“The real anti-Semites are those who came out of Europe and settled in Palestine, and now they call themselves the ‘true Jew,’ when in reality, they were converted to Judaism,” adding that the “real Semitic Jews have been in that area of the world for thousands of years—they belong to Palestine.”

When asked about the global conflicts and America’s involvement in the affairs of sovereign nations, specifically Iran and North Korea, Min. Farrakhan pointed out that for America, even as a superpower, challenging nations now is not as easy as it once was.

“There are 192 nations on this earth. America has troops in 135 of the 192 nations. What are American troops doing all over the world like this? America has surrounded Iran and Russia with bases and troops and nuclear weapons. Russia feels threatened; Iran feels threatened. Iran should not be denied the human right to knowledge. Atomic knowledge should be in the arsenal of knowledge of every nation, and if Iran wants to use Atomic knowledge for peaceful purposes, she is in accord with international law,” Min. Farrakhan said.

“Every nation of the earth wants friendship with America, but America can’t have it if she is going to be the world’s number one bully. She can’t frighten Iran anymore. She can’t frighten North Korea anymore, because if you throw at Iran, Iran can throw back; if you throw at North Korea, North Korea can throw back. North Korea and Iran and Syria [are not] Grenada and Panama,” he explained.

Mr. Mansour then asked about the American presidential elections in general and specifically, and if America was ready for a Black president.

Min. Farrakhan said, “Who is talking about the international bankers that fund both sides of a war? Who is talking about the international bankers that set up the World Trade Organization? Who is talking about the international bankers that destroy the sovereignty of nations? Who is talking about the international bankers who are promoting this idea, that we should give up our natural resources and begin to privatize? And who are the private persons who are buying up the wealth of the world? It doesn’t make any difference who is the President, if you cannot stop the madness that is going on.

“America is ready for a Black president if that Black president looks like they can save the ship that is sinking. America is in trouble and if a Black man can help to save America, the American people might vote for such a person.”

“There is a hidden hand behind [President] Bush. There is a hidden hand behind Blair. There is a hidden hand behind [Congressman John] Murtha [D-Pa.]. There is a hidden hand behind many presidents, and as long as they need money and the international bankers can provide it, that hidden hand will control the politics of the world.”

Photo: The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan greets Al Jazeera Correspondent Fadi Mansour before interview.
Photo by: Daniel Hassan Muhammad


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